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Inviting you to cooperate

О2 Social Marketing Agency is actively promoting and implementing social business and social responsibility principles within the “business – society – state” model.
Our main goal is to change inefficient behavior and system models.
In case you cooperate with us, we provide you with effective designed social marketing programs, promoting further development of your company and socialization of brands currently and in future.

These are the cooperation steps for developing and implementing social projects and programs:

Step 1. Strategy

Before suggesting developing a social project, we should realize what your company is dealing daily with.
To successfully implement a joint project we consider your company’s activity as well as your customers’ personal features.
By studying consumer social demand we develop strategy and tactics of popular, successful projects and programs for your company in Ukraine.

Step 2. Concept

We offer you a social project concept: synergy of the strategy, changes and values development.

Step 3. Development and implementation

This is the step when the social project or the program is being implemented.
Key actions here in:
Developing a project plan and timing;
Providing continuous monitoring and assessment;
Getting feedback from stakeholders (primary and secondary);
Adjusting the project implementation plan under feedback data.

Step 4. Assessment and final stage

A key assessment aim is to compare the project ultimate goals with the planned ones.
We always assess critical factors of a project while planning and consider a number of key measures to help this assessment. There may be short-term, middle-term and long-term measures regarding indicators of change in people’s knowledge, attitude and behavior.
We do not just provide project results, but also give a detailed assessment of the very project implementation process. All the information is integrated within an assessment report, outlining initial goals, methods, results and recommendations for future steps.

Inviting volunteers to cooperate

О2 Social Marketing Agency advocates and encourages the social responsibility principles of business: all members of our team support the implementation of corporate volunteering programs and projects.
We encourage the projects, aimed at education, child development, healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, developing projects for accessible products, services, and health care.
To successfully evolve in the world today, organizations should self-renew. Proactive and educated youth are the driving force behind all changes.

О2 Social Marketing Agency is engaged in the highly dynamic industry. We realize that educating and training young specialists today brings sustainability and success in future.
Along with our internal staff development programs we also implement external social initiatives, aimed at backing the youth education system.

If the О2 Social Marketing Agency’s values and mission meet your values, if you are proactive, responsible and ready to work and study hard, send your resume to: