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project development
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O2 Social Marketing Agency

Examination, development and implementation of social projects and programs.

Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness of our partners’ social programs and social investments.

The purpose of O2 Social Marketing Agency is to change ineffective behavioral models of people and society.

Behavior, but not preferences.

The focus of our programs is aimed at families with children aged 0-14 years old and youth 14-20.

The main activities:

expertise, development and implementation of social programs and projects;
research and monitoring;
development and support of social brands.

Team: to create and deliver effective business models of products and services which our society and country need, we have assembled a team of professionals with vast experience in branding, marketing, research, PR, GR-communications, sociology, as well as young, talented and socially responsible CSR managers.

Experience: from 2006 till the present time we have implemented more than 40 projects of national and local level.
As the expert agency we have created a social marketing platform to promote and share best practices, we also develop training products.

Membership in professional organizations: Ukrainian Marketing Association, the members of the Coordinating Council working group for the Development of Civil Society of Ukraine on the draft of National Strategy for Social Responsibility in Ukraine.

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