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O2 Social Marketing Agency operates under the laws of Ethics aimed at the formation of goodness and positivity in our projects, programs, products, in relationships with customers, partners and society.

O2 Social Marketing Agency is focused on the quality of its products, projects, programs, and long-term perspective for its products which are sold to customers, partners, and the whole society. In terms of quality O2 Social Marketing Agency does not compromise. O2 Social Marketing Agency is continuously working on improving of its products and individualization.

O2 Social Marketing Agency is an innovator. We offer innovations and know-how in our industry.

O2 Social Marketing Agency is free and responsible for its products. It’s free to take the initiative and act decisively in its own interests, the interests of the partners, customers, society and the State. O2 Social Marketing Agency takes responsibility for its actions and contributes to the betterment of society, business and government, as well as its employees as a group, united by the mission, purpose, actions and results.

O2 Social Marketing Agency does not work with the companies goals and products of which are aimed at the destruction of children or families: alcohol, tobacco companies, weapons and drugs.