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The National Strategy of Social Responsibility of Business in Ukraine

In the spring of 2013 the social marketing company «O2» organized the Forum «The Best social projects of Ukraine» that was successfully held in Kyiv in Ukrainian house. 43 organizations of different forms of ownership had an opportunity to present their social projects at the forum. In total 51 projects were listed on the «The Best social projects of Ukraine» catalogue. Also a draft of the National Declaration of social responsibility was presented to all participants and visitors of the event. Every company or organization, which supports the implementation of modern practices of «government-business-society» interaction, raising the standards of social development, environmental protection and fundamental human rights was given an opportunity to become a signatory of the National Declaration of social responsibility. Thus, the Declaration was supported by 39 organizations.

Today we can rightly say that the steps on establishment of constructive dialogue between the government, business and public organizations that were made in the spring of 2013 are still under way. After publication of Presidential Decree № 342/2013 of 25 June 2013 “On the Action plan on implementation of the state policy strategy to enhance civil society in Ukraine” was created the working group of Coordination Council for civil society development, which has the aim to finalize the draft of the National strategy of social responsibility of business in Ukraine. The working group included leading scientists, experts on CSR and sustainable development, representatives of business, state institutions and public organizations.

Their joint work has all chances for developing and approving the document before the end of the year that will certainly affect the transition of Ukraine to sustainable development, economic and social integration to European and world community.

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