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Consciousness is growing, people wish to become creators of their lives, but they are
offered millennial dogma. This does not correspond to the time and evolution.
Dalai Lama, 2013

We are fortunate to work in the era of marketing and branding transformation.
We build communications with persons who manifest active deliberate stance, being the reason of own actions and deeds thus co-creating social brand development.

Social branding – is the social-technological module of changes in brand behavior strategy, that leads to forming shared values and activities in consumer groups for sustainable business and groups development. Thus a group and a brand bring each other to order and their cooperation turns somewhat moral (in ideal)®О2

We offer services in:


Brand design and brand consulting (SOCIAL BRAND BUILDING SOLUTIONS)
We do not just buy product or service, we buy idea or brand concept.

O2 Social Marketing Agency offers brand design and brand consulting services.

Research and analysis

Developing strategy and positioning

Identification and design

Brand communication

Digital and social media

Additional services

Brand consulting

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