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O2 Social Marketing Agency≠ Advertising Agency

We use a full range of classical marketing and marketing communications instruments and additionally:

Targeting: we develop and implement social projects and programs in sociocultural field in: education, sport and active lifestyle, culture, health care. Our target audiences herein: families with 0–16 children, youth 16+;

Reach: national level. The O2 Social Marketing Agency’s regional network covers 36 administrative centers in Ukraine.

Business and business relations ethics: the O2 Social Marketing Agency cooperates with organizations and individuals who share a system of moral requirements for professional activity. (link).

Our opportunities:

Unique combination of knowledge and experience enables us to develop and successfully introduce large-scale programs and projects, that solve recent social problems, change inefficient behavior models, create resource environment for business and society to develop.

Market is a relationship: moving business for the sake of society is rewarded hundredfold!

We know the efficient way social marketing works. Introducing social marketing system, our partners get external and internal social feedback as well as financial effect.
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